Bob recently joined us for a number of fun dives, and is a well seasoned diver having over 700 dives around the world. He likes fish and enjoys spending hours in pursuit of the next best picture from the underwater world.

As a result, one of our divemaster candidates, who is trying to convert from “surface only” photography decided this was an excellent opportunity to receive some greater information on this topic.
Follow on below to find some good tips for all, and some great photos!

Bob’s tips

1/ You have to decide what kind of photo you want to do : wide angle or macro. It won’t always be possible to use the same gear for all!
In general :
Wide angle optic +dome port + 2 strobes for wide angle picture
Macro optic + regular port + 1 strobe for macro picture

2/ When you are taking a macro picture, you have to be really really really close to your object

– Goby by Bob-                                                                                                               – Goby by Divemaster-

3/ Be patient. If you want a picture like wait, wait, and wait some more.

– Bob shooting Nemo-                                                                                                                                                               – Nemo by Bob –

4/ Portrait : If you take a picture of someone try to take it between bubbles!

5/ If you don’t want to have a photo like this… don’t forget about adjusting white balance with your depth! every 2 meters!


Thanks for the great Tips Bob – always learning!!

If you would like to find our more about Bob and his travels, follow him on Instagram @wheresbobthen





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